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At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will treat your home as our own. We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as a landlord and home owner. We tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home.

Increase the Value of Your Investment

Preventative maintenance is achieved through putting systems in place that catch and deal with maintenance and repair issues early on, before they grow into larger more costly problems.

Fewer Costly and Time Consuming Legal Problems

Veteran landlords know it only takes one troublesome tenant to cause significant legal and financial headaches. A professional property manager is armed with the knowledge of the latest landlord- tenant laws and will ensure that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable to a potential law suit.

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Am I required to make my property available to Section 8?
This will depend on individual owners if they will accept Section 8 for their home.

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For Owners

There are many important services a property management company must perform in order to effectively manage residential properties. Our services begin with properly preparing your property for lease prior to procuring a qualified tenant and end with conducting a thorough exit survey once your tenant has vacated. Listed is a brief description of all of the services provided before, during and after your tenant has taken possession of your property:

Preparing Your Property+

Our property manager will survey your property in order to note any potential safety hazards or potential future problems that may affect the integrity of your property. A detailed written report will be completed. At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will coordinate any work to get your home ready for occupancy.

Qualifying Prospective Tenants+

Our thorough screening process which includes inspecting credit reports (including history of unlawful detainer and/or prior evictions), rental history with current and previous landlord, employment history and income verification will assure you that we have selected the most qualified tenant for your property.

Tenant Placement+

With comprehensive advertising campaigns continually running, we take many calls daily from prospective tenants interested in your home. We advertise on PPAR MLS, Realtor.com, AHRN (global military website) ATHOMERES.COM as well as many other media outlets.

Tenant Screening+

We require each prospective tenant 18 years of age and older to submit a rental application. We run criminal background checks, credit background checks, verify employment for each applicant and verify rental references from at least two of the past landlords. This combination of screening procedures helps us find good tenants, not just any tenant. This is at NO COST TO THE OWNER.


Upon application approval, At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will prepare a lease agreement that will include all addendums and disclosures required by law in order to properly secure your tenant prior to occupancy.

Property Survey Prior To Occupancy+

A thorough and detailed survey of your property prior to occupancy will accurately document condition of your property prior to tenant taking possession. This survey will include digital pictures of interior and exterior of your property.

Monthly Statements+

Rent will be collected on the first of each month. All bills associated with your property will be paid when due during each month. A link to your owner portal will be sent to you along with the monies owed after expenses. Monies are deposited directly into your bank account. At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. offers an online owner portal so you can check your account when it's convenient for you.

A Year End Statement will be prepared and sent by January 31 of the following year. This statement will categorize all income and expenses throughout the previous year and a 1099 will be provided to you for tax purposes. Your accountant will surely thank you for this.

Maintenance and Repairs+

7 days a week, 24 hours a day your tenant will be able to notify us of any maintenance request. All maintenance requests will be handled quickly and directed by At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. protocol to ensure the proper vendor can go to your property for any maintenance repair issue or after hours emergency. We work with vendors who will quickly respond and efficiently perform any work required for the proper maintenance or repair of your property. Vendors are independent from our company and must be properly licensed and insured. Our after-hours emergency response team has been trained in At Home Real Estate Services, Incs. Policies and guidelines in dispatching a vendor after hours for emergencies (including fire, flood and no heat calls). We want to take care of a minor problem before it becomes a major problem.

Interior Property Survey+

Upon lease renewal a property manager will conduct a thorough survey of your home. This survey will include documenting the condition of your property along with any maintenance issues needed. A detailed written report will be mailed or e-mailed to you. Digital pictures will be included upon request prior to the walk through. At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will coordinate any work per your request.

Monthly Exterior Property Survey+

A member of At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will do an exterior survey of your property on a monthly basis. This will ensure the tenant is maintaining the home per the lease.

Exit Survey+

Once your tenant has vacated your property a detailed exit survey will be performed. Condition of your property will be documented. Any damage by tenant will be noted and once again digital pictures will be taken. Initial inspection and pictures will be referenced in order to properly disburse your tenant's security deposit.  This is also a good time to do any updates or maintenance to the home that would be owner responsibility.

From here the process starts again. Every few years carpets will need to be replaced and rooms will need painting. Once in a while a roof will have to be replaced. The owner is responsible to have the furnace serviced annually, sprinklers blown out in fall and turned on in spring. Our qualified staff will order this work. For larger maintenance issues our staff will procure estimates and coordinate any and all work required in order to maintain the highest standards of your property.

At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive market analysis prior to marketing your property in order to obtain the maximum rental amount with the least amount of days vacant.

Other Services

Lease Only Services+

For those owners that wish to manage their own property, but want to tap into our diverse residential customer market, we offer Lease Only Package. Contact the office to see if we are accepting lease only at this time.

Maintenance Management+

For those owners who do not wish to have tenants in their property or will be away from their home for an extended amount of time and need someone to inspect the interior and exterior of their home while away. Great for military orders, truck drivers or an extended vacation.

For Sale+

We are members of the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service and use PPAR and many other websites to effectively market your home. Realtors are most likely to have the most current information on recent sales and how this reflects on the value of your home. A market analysis of your properties report includes information only available from Realtors and comes free of charge with a free consultation upon request.

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