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Tenant FAQs

Answers to your common questions

Can you hold a place before I apply?
We will not hold a property without owner approval and a full security deposit and lease being signed.

Do I pay first month’s rent and last month’s rent with my security deposit?
The security deposit and first month’s rent will be payable by certified funds only.  This will be payable to At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. within 24 hours of application approval.

Do you sell real estate too?
Yes, we are licensed Realtors and members of the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, Colorado Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. We can help assist you in fining your Colorado Home to purchase once your lease is complete.

Does your Office have an After-Hours Drop Box?
Yes, we have an after-hours drop box at the Waynoka location.  Please place your payment in an envelope with At Home Real Estate Services on it.   If you need to drop paperwork off you'll need to come during our normal business hours.

How do I pay rent?
You’re able to pay online, at the office or through mail.  Your time is valuable and paying online allows you to pay your rent online for a small fee and submit.

How long of a lease do we sign?
We recommend a minimum 1 year lease.  This will be determined by the time of year, credit and the owner’s needs.

How much security deposit do you charge?
Security deposit is usually equal to one month’s rent.  Not to include pet deposit if pets are allowed.

How old do you have to be to apply?
All occupants over the age of 18 must apply to live in the home and be on the lease.

I did not have a pet when I moved in; may I have a pet now?
First, email your Property Manager your request for a pet. Do not move a pet into the property without permission. At Home Real Estate Services, Inc. will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow the pet, a pet deposit will be required and a pet addendum must be signed prior to pet being put onto property.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?
If your roommate can qualify individually a new lease can be requested.  Owner approval is required prior to any lease changes.

Is the deposit refundable?
Yes, the deposit is refundable within the 60 days of keys being turned into our office.  A thorough survey will be done using the condition report provided to you at move in. Any disputes must be in writing. 

My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?
A minimum of 30 day written notice is required to vacate the home.  Please contact the office with a move out information to include a forwarding address and contact information.

When I move out, what do I need to do to receive my full security deposit back?
We advise that you remove all personal belongings and clean the house thoroughly including floors, walls, trim, windows, bathrooms, counters, cabinets, appliances. All carpets must have a black light test by Environmental Assessment and should be professionally cleaned with a receipt turned in when keys are turned in. Gutters should be cleaned out. The roof should be free of leaves and debris. If you are responsible for lawn maintenance, then the grass and hedges need to be trimmed to a reasonable height and all beds should be free of weed or trash. We ask that all damages be repaired prior to turning in your keys and the expiration of your lease. Click here to view our Cleaning Guide.

Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?
Tenant shall assume and pay all expenses as regards to maintenance, upkeep and repair of the premises, specifically including gas, water, electricity, garbage collection and all miscellaneous minor repairs (usually below $100) Contact the office for a specific questions. 

Who needs a cosigner?
If the owner allows a cosigner it will be on a case by case basis.

You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?
Your able to apply online at www.athomeres.com , downloading application or picking an application up at our office.

Office Address:
7495 McLaughlin Rd #103
Falcon, CO 80831

Phone: (719) 495-2247
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Office Address
7495 McLaughlin Rd #103
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Fax: (719) 457-5900

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